Go and tell stories that lead people to Jesus.

Gospel theme videos for your church:

Christmas: Someone is Coming
Take 60 seconds to think about how it would feel to go without food for 40 days. And what you would most need to quench your hunger.
Miracles Can't Happen

Have time for a story? This story was told to a king thousands of years ago but is relevant to every one of us today.

Miracles Can't Happen

What does God require us to sacrifice? And what does He provide for us? This is the greatest act of love and grace and mercy ever.

Miracles Can't Happen

Caught in a deadly storm, the disciples were terrified. But what happened next scared them even more and can assure us in the chaos we encounter today.

Videos for Christmas:

Miracles Can't Happen
Christmas: Someone is Coming

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Watch some of our best:

Someone is Coming

An animation that puts the nativity story in the context of the whole Bible.

A compilation of video projects

Here are little clips from lots of different projects, to give you an idea of what I can make.

Uncover Gospel Project

A project exploring the stories of Luke’s Gospel.  Produced in partnership with UCCF.