They call me Jonathan.  I am the human behind what you see on this website (with a little help from some friends).

I started Plungepool because I’m convinced that the Bible is the best story on the planet and it is a story for the world at large.  Everything I make is aimed at inviting outsiders into the story and helping us all engage with it afresh.

I have worked as Media Producer for UCCF and Digital Marketing Manager for IFES Global Communications.  Being involved in internationally-focussed ministry in the UK and living overseas has given me a unique perspective on storytelling and how the gospel transforms lives.

I currently live in Leipzig, Germany. and work as a freelance Video Producer and Motion Designer.

Jonathan Greenaway

Jonathan Greenaway

Producer, Writer, Animator

The Bible in 12 words

An abstract film project developed for IFES, which tells the Bible story in 12 simple words, with accompanying online Bible studies.

Someone is Coming

My first independent project was for Christmas 2013.  It told the big story of Christmas, going beyond the nativity to Adam, Eve, David, Isaiah and others.  It connects some of those familiar verses read at carol services. It’s been used by hundreds of churches in their Christmas events over the last few years.

Take Flight Story Exhibition

I love to make space for people to ask questions and engage with stories.  In 2013 I was taken on as Artist in Residence at UCCF’s student leader conference.  I created a story-telling exhibition that connected big ideas about the world we live in with the gospel story.

Take Flight combines artistic integrity, intellectual intrigue, and festival fun for an amazing interactive exhibition.

Brian Weaver

Chief Operating Officer, UCCF: The Christian Unions

Uncover Gospel Project

For 4 years, I worked on creative projects for UCCF: The Christian Unions (part of IFES). 
My final project was to produce a series of videos for the Uncover Gospel Project, designed to help non-believing students engage with the stories in Luke’s Gospel.

Some multi-media tools seem more concerned to show off the technology than to study the Bible. This is not true of Uncover: the contemporary feel of the material never detracts from studying the biblical text and drawing people to Jesus. Uncover is direct without being intrusive, bold without being pushy, clear without being simplistic, challenging without being condescending.
Don Carson

Research Professor of New Testament, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.