The virgin birth of Jesus is a good story because: I doubt sometimes.

I often think that it would be way easier to believe in Jesus if He was here now. If I could have a little face-to-face chat, or a vision or something.  If He could just give me a sign.

What do you expect a sign might look like?

The funny thing is, the Bible is clear that Jesus’ conception is a sign from God to show He is there. We want God to do something a bit unusual to give us some evidence, but He has already done it!

But the sign isn’t a word written with stars in the sky, or anything else we might dream up. The sign God gives us is a person: Jesus.

His conception is just the beginning – Jesus’ whole life is a hotbed of miracles. It’s as if God is saying: “pay attention to this one”. Miracles happen throughout the Bible story, but not as frequently as this. He is someone special.

Instead of dismissing Jesus based on the miracles, maybe we should look at what Jesus does with His life, what His miracles might mean and then decide if it might be true.


You can tell what someone is like by what they do.

When a miracle happens in the Bible, it’s never a random event. Because God is not an invisible force like gravity or a randomly-erupting far-away star. He’s a person. He has values. There are things He cares about. And He shows us who He is through what he does.

God wants to rescue us from death and slavery. He shows us by sending a man called Moses to a people in slavery, leading them to freedom and [cue miracle] making a path through a sea to rescue them from the chasing Egyptian army. The sea means death to people of that time (just think what the sea does in the story of Noah’s Ark, and you’ll understand why). Rescue through a sea, means rescue from death. Rescue from ancient Egypt means rescue from slavery.

It’s ok to doubt. We see it in the story: Joseph doubted Mary when she told him God had given her a child without the help of a man. That’s doubtful. That’s an honest man. But God doesn’t leave Joseph there, he sends a messenger to Joseph to explain that Mary’s story is legit.


Anyone who says that everything they believe about the universe is totally true is not being honest with you. Don’t trust them.

Nobody can know everything.

We should question Joseph’s integrity if he just went with it and believed Mary’s story.

He is not naïve. Nor is he all-knowing. God just tells him enough for him to step out and trust. So he waits and lives to see who Jesus turns out to be.

I doubt sometimes. But I think God has told us enough to trust in Him. That He is at work in this world. And that He wants to be known by us.

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