Someone is Coming

Why tell the Christmas story like this?

Every year Christmas comes like clockwork.  To many it’s a familiar story about Jesus being born in a stable in a small town in the Middle East.  It includes kings, shepherds, angels and innkeepers.

I wanted to highlight how this story doesn’t exist on its own.  The opening sentence of the New Testament name-drops King David and Abraham, before putting them in the family line of Jesus.

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Someone is Coming was originally funded as a Kickstarter project.  Main sponsors: Magdalen Road Church, Oxford; Chessington Evangelical Church, London  With special thanks to: Avenue Community Church, Andrew Wingfield Digby, Luke Ijaz, Jamie Bowen, Richard Weston and everyone else who supported this project. Creative Team: Produced by Jonathan Greenaway, Illustration by Hannah Wheeler Illustration, Original Website by Sam Wakeling