Miracles Can’t Happen*

The miracle conception of Jesus is difficult to believe in. Watch our film exploring miracles, the moment Joseph doubted and think about why it’s good news.


Why did you make this video?

The virgin conception is the elephant in the nativity stable.

We’re cool with kids dressed as shepherds, angels, wise men and sheep. But a virgin giving birth?!

It’s an intimate, hidden event. There’s not much evidence. It doesn’t fit the normal order of things. It’s not a reasonable thing to believe – Joseph didn’t believe it at first. But it’s thrown into the spotlight when two of Jesus’ followers write His life story. They have limited space on their parchments, so we can be sure they included the virgin conception because they thought it is an important part of the story. But what does it mean? Why is this a good story?

I made this video because I think it’s important to talk about elephants and because I believe this is a truly good story.

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The virgin birth of Jesus is a good story because I doubt sometimes.
He understands

Recommended reading:

Tim Keller’s new book, Hidden Christmas, is a moving and provocative exploration of the Nativity story.  It’s a great introduction to the meaning of the Christmas story and covers lots of the ideas and questions raised in the video.

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Maybe you’ve not so familiar with the story of Jesus’ birth. Here it is, performed by kids.

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How does the birth of Jesus fit into the bigger story of the Bible? Here’s a good place to start.

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Jonathan Greenaway

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Elisa Cunningham


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