Plungepool exists to help as many people as possible engage with the good news
about Jesus through creative storytelling.

Discover the good story

Us humans use stories all the time – to share ideas and values, connect with others and make sense of the world we live in. Whatever belief system we are signed up to, we so often put ourselves at the centre of the story.

I believe that for the big story – the important one about who we are, why the world is as it is and how we should live – we need to step to the side and put Jesus at the centre.

Plungepool makes fresh, thoughtful content to help people encounter the story of the living God of the Bible.

That is the good story we all need to know – IMHO.

The values that shape what we make:

1. A friendly, honest tone

2. Excellently made

3. Delightful to watch

4. Theologically thorough

5. Story-led

6. Good for everyone

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